Dr. Olga Plakhotnik

Wissenschaftliche Mitarbeiterin

Lehrstuhl für Ukrainische Kulturwissenschaft

Ernst-Lohmeyer-Platz 3, Raum E. 46

17487 Greifswald




2019                Ph.D. in Sociology (with distinction), Open University (UK). Thesis: Imaginaries of Sexual Citizenship in Post-Maidan Ukraine: A Queer Feminist Discourse Analysis

2007                MA in Sociology and Cultural Studies (specialization in Gender Studies, with merit), European Humanities University (Lithuania).

2004                “Candidate of Sciences” in Social Philosophy, National Aerospace University (Ukraine)

1991                Diploma (MA equivalent) cum laude in General Psychology, Kharkiv National University (Ukraine)




March 2022 – now      Researcher, Chair for Ukrainian Cultural Studies, University of Greifswald



2020 – 2022    The Bayduza Postdoctoral Research Fellow, Canadian Institute of Ukrainian Studies and the Department of Sociology, University of Alberta (Canada)

2019 – 2020    Research Fellow, Center for Cultural-Anthropological Studies (Ukraine)

2009 – 2016    Docent, Philosophy Department, National Aerospace University (Ukraine)

2010 – 2012    Docent, School of Sociology, Karazin Kharkiv National University (Ukraine)

2003 – 2009    Lecturer, Philosophy Department, National Aerospace University (Ukraine)

2003 – 2005    Lecturer, Cultural Studies Department, Kharkiv State Academy of Culture

1993 – 2002    Lecturer, Social Psychology Department, Kharkiv State Academy of Culture



Mayerchyk, M., Plakhotnik, O., & G. Yarmanova (Eds.) (2013). Gender for Media: Textbook for Journalism and Other Socio-Humanities. Kyiv: Krytyka. (Ukr.)

Plakhotnik, O. & O. Maruschenko (2012). Gendered School Stories. Kharkiv: Monograph. (Ukr.)


Journal Articles and Book Chapters (in English)

Plakhotnik, O. (2022). On the Limits of Speakability: Debates on Homonationalism and Sexual Citizenship in Post-Maidan Ukraine, Feral Feminisms 11, 51-68

Plakhotnik, O. & M. Beketova (2022, forthcoming). “For us, about us.” Undisciplined Queer Knowledge Production in Activist Communities – the Ukrainian Case. In K.Aleksander, U.Auga, E.Dvorakk, K.Heft, G.Jähnert, and H. Schimkat (eds.) Feministische Visionen und Perspektiven vor und nach 1989. Provozieren – Einmischen – Gestalten. Opladen: Verlag Barbara Budrich, 24 pages.

Plakhotnik, O. & M. Mayerchyk (2021). Uneventful Feminist Protest in Post-Maidan Ukraine: Nation and Colonialism Revisited. In R.Koobak, M.Tlostanova & S. Thapar-Björkert (Eds.), Postcolonial and Postsocialist Dialogues: Intersections, Opacities, Challenges in Feminist Theorizing and Practice (pp.121-137). New York: Routledge  https://doi.org/10.4324/9781003003199-11

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Plakhotnik, O. & M. Mayerchyk (2013). “The Radical FEMEN and The New Women’s Activism”. Krytyka  https://krytyka.com/en/articles/radical-femen-and-new-womens-activism


Journal Articles and Book Chapters (in Ukrainian or Russian)

Plakhotnik, O. & Mayerchyk, M. (2019). Between Coloniality and Nationalism: Genealogies of Feminist Activisms in Ukraine, Feminist Critique publication online(Ukr.)  https://doi.org/10.52323/079441

Plakhotnik, O. (2018). “Troubling Education”, Activism, and Academia: Notes on the Margins of the Useful Book, Feminist Critique 1: 77-93. (Ukr.) https://doi.org/10.52323/165801

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Analytic Reports

Plakhotnik, O., R. Jones, P. Keogh, A. Beraia and M. Kvaratskhelia (2021). Education to Support LGBT+ Communities in Georgia, Kyrgyzstan and Ukraine: Analytic Report. The Open University.

(Author, editor and editor of the translation into Russian).

Plakhotnik, O., Danylenko, I., Guslyakova, L. & Sukhomlyn, M. (2009). Gender Equality Through the Students’ Eyes (Research Report). Kharkiv: Rider (Ukr.)



Crawley, S. (2018). Autoethnography as Feminist Self-Interview. Feminist Critique, 1, 46–75. (Translated from English into Ukrainian by Olga Plakhotnik and Maria Mayerchyk). https://doi.org/10.52323/179801

Feminist studies
Citizenship studies
Postcolonial and decolonial analysis
Postsocialism and Eastern Europe
Anti-oppressive pedagogies